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Top 6 ways to market your book using social media

When it comes to promoting your book, social media is one of the most accessible (and easiest) tools around. Want to raise your profile, connect with others and build up a following? Then check out our social media top tips:

Don’t be stale

Make sure your profiles across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all kept nicely up to date. Focus on LinkedIn for maximum impact (and check out our guide to creating a All-Star LinkedIn profile!)

Plan ahead

It can be hard to know what to post or write about, but by creating your own editorial calendar with posts and tweets you’ll make sure you’re posting engaging, relevant content on a regular basis. Persistency and consistency are the keys to success – try a variety of different content types to discover what really resonates with your followers (and what doesn’t). Remember, this could be different for different channels!

Show some love

Be sure to interact with your followers when they tweet or comment. Social media is about building connections with others – by responding you’ll encourage them and show that you’re listening.

Find some followers

Focus on gaining more followers or people to connect with across social channels. Your editorial calendar (see Plan Ahead) will help, but keep things fresh with competitions, polls and other types of posts, most of which usually work better on Twitter. Remember, you’ll need to follow social channel rules.

Retweet competitions are a great way of reaching new followers – e.g. ‘Retweet this to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of my latest book!’ – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build your social following and audience reach. Make sure you don’t just rely on competitions though, as otherwise you’ll struggle to get your followers to engage with other types of tweet.

Create your social media hit list

Note down your own list of influencers or important people who you’d love to work with or get noticed by. Follow them, join their groups and engage with their posts. This way you might be able to get some of their follower base to follow you in return, and get them to share, retweet or acknowledge your post!

Join a community

Join any relevant groups on social channels. Help out by being a resident expert and answering questions on your specialist subjects!