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Our B2B & Academic Library has over 5,000 eBooks and courses to help your team stay up to date.

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Develop a Publishing Press or create a bespoke eBook to build a funnel of new high quality leads.

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Host Packt content on your Learning Platform to unlock extensive learning coverage for TechPros.

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As we help businesses educate, connect, and engage with IT professionals, many clients can't imagine life without our services.

They are friendly and flexible throughout the writing and review process, delivering assets that are on brand and on point. I highly recommend Packt for bringing expert tech content to market.

Phil Evans

Product Marketing Lead, Microsoft Learn

Their technical writers are top-notch [and] because of the credibility of their brand and their writers, we’ve found that gating their e-books is an efficient way to get quality leads into our marketing programs.

Janine Patrick

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

It’s rewarding to work with Packt’s innovative and engaging team on our common goal of getting quality technology books and related content created to help customers be more successful.

Lisa Goldstein

Director, Oracle Publishers Program

At MongoDB, we love to empower developers because they drive innovation and make it a reality. High quality technical books is another great way to reach and train developers and we are very pleased to work with Packt to bring MongoDB Press books to life.

Raghu Viswanathan

Vice President – Education, Academia and Documentation at MongoDB

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Advance your Team's Knowledge

Our Packt Learning library will keep your organisation up to date with the latest changes in technology. From Angular to Zapier, we have you covered with an extensive collection of hands-on eBooks covering thousands of technologies.

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Increase Engagement with Tech Pros

Build trust and drive decisions with on-point, high-value content created by industry experts and a world-class in-house team. Use content to generate new leads and improve the onboarding experience for your product. Supporting brands like GitHub and Microsoft, our team can help you deliver first-class experiences.


Support TechPros on Your eLearning Platform

With over 10,000 eBooks and Video Courses, Packt have an extensive collection of TechPro content to meet every the requirements of every role and specialism in Tech. Our new Content API makes it easier than ever to plug-in Packt content into your eLearning site and begin supporting new users.

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Join our Network of Experts

With over a million direct customers and reach into large distribution channels, we provide a platform for your expertise to reach the world. Our competitive advances and royalties ensure that your published content is set up to succeed and generate revenue.

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With over 20 years of experience in publishing expert books and video courses for Tech Professionals, Packt understand your users and can help you reach them.

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