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How to market your book through blogging

Ever thought of writing a blog or having your very own website? Your very own platform to share your thoughts and updates requires dedication, but can really pay off by increasing your online presence and showing that you’re a true authority on your subject.

As an expert on your technological subject, creating a blog or website can be invaluable by:

  • Providing insight into complex topics
  • Keeping readers up to date with the latest advances in tech
  • Gaining search engine ranking and increasing your online following
  • Boosting sales of your book and awareness of the work that you do
  • Assembling and promoting your street team by encouraging them to sign up

You don’t need to be put off by complicated websites, either. Sites such as WordPress, Ghost and Medium are a user-friendly way of publishing posts easily and efficiently, and can be customised to a chosen style and format which suits your readers. Depending on the level of free or paid package you choose, these sites can allow you to use a range of features such as:

  • Choosing different themes to suit your content and style
  • Installing plug-ins to link with other social media channels or websites
  • Integrating with Google Analytics – so you can understand where your visitors come from, and what content they enjoy the most

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the links below for some great examples of blogs which other authors have created.

Just remember to promote your title at every relevant opportunity, and include links to your title on Amazon to give readers fast and easy access to sites where they can purchase your books!