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Packt’s new report on trusted AI provides a roadmap for redefining business strategies with data

  • Packt’s new report Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI highlights how AI drives innovation and optimizes decision making within organizations.
  • With real-world case studies and success stories, it details the importance of trust and responsibility in AI development for fair and transparent use.
  • The report emphasizes the need for tech-focused boards, ethical data strategies, and investment in AI talent.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) have become powerful forces reshaping industries and redefining business strategies. But how can executives and board members harness these forces effectively? Packt’s new report, Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI, written by AI transformation expert Wendy Turner-Williams aims to provide the answers.

This comprehensive guide offers a fresh look at AI and explores generative AI within the context of data and analytics, showing how it can be a catalyst for decision makers to innovate, improve operations, and manage risks effectively.

Drawing on real-world case studies, such as Starbucks, UPS, and Netflix, the report demonstrates the tangible benefits organizations can achieve by taking a data-driven approach powered by AI.

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Beyond the how, the document places ethical AI in the spotlight. It stresses the need for trust and responsibility in AI development, offering insights and guidance on building ethical frameworks to ensure AI is used fairly and transparently.

Key insights for leaders

The report offers actionable advice tailored to executives and board members, including recommendations such as:

  • Tech-forward boards: Modernizing governance by including tech-savvy members and investing in leadership positions like Chief Data and AI Officers (CDAIOs).
  • Data by design: Proactively embedding ethics and security into core data strategies.
  • Investing in the future: Putting a focus on innovation and nurturing AI-literate talent within the organization.

Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI serves as a roadmap for leaders looking to navigate the intersection of data, AI, and ethics. It offers practical steps and a strategic vision, ultimately empowering organizations to make the most of the technological advancements we’re seeing today.

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