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Packt and MongoDB form new Partnership with MongoDB Press

Announcing Our Groundbreaking Collaboration: MongoDB Press

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new book series – MongoDB Press! Developed in partnership between Packt Publishing and MongoDB, MongoDB Press serves as the official destination for premium learning resources and books written by subject matter experts in the MongoDB ecosystem.

Our First Release: Practical MongoDB Aggregations

The first title published under the MongoDB Press imprint is “Practical MongoDB Aggregations” authored by MongoDB solutions architect Paul Done. With nearly a decade at MongoDB, Paul brought invaluable perspective in explaining the latest aggregations features in MongoDB 7.0, just released in tandem with the book. The MongoDB community’s response to the book has been incredible. It immediately shot to the #1 New Release spot on Amazon’s Database Storage and Design book category. Paul’s launch event signing at the recent London MongoDB.local conference had attendees lined up out the door, necessitating an additional print run beyond the 200 copies we had prepared.

The Genesis of MongoDB Press

The concept for an official MongoDB book series was jointly developed between our editorial staff and MongoDB’s education leadership. With in-depth MongDB expertise being highly sought after, we saw an opportunity to work together with MongoDB experts to create premium learning content leveraging real-world insights.

Fast-Tracked Production

We gave Paul Done’s aggregations title VIP treatment, taking it from concept to print in a lightning fast 77 days without sacrificing quality. Paul worked closely as a core contributor throughout editing and reviews. The accelerated schedule allowed us to deliver relevant content side-by-side the latest MongoDB functionality.

Global Debut Spanning Major Cities

Post-launch in London, MongoDB sponsored events showcasing the book across 30 cities including Milan, Boston, Paris, Mumbai, Stockholm and more. The global exposure contributed to strong initial sales in geographies new to Packt’s typical distribution.

What’s Next for MongoDB Press

With the rousing reception of our debut title, we are fast-tracking future releases spanning different MongoDB subject areas. Topics will range from administrative basics to application development techniques leveraging MongoDB’s versatile document data model capabilities. Our next title release will be ‘Mastering MongoDB 7.0’ due for release in January 2024.

The Benefits of Our Partnership

By bridging Packt’s publishing expertise with MongoDB’s technical authority, MongoDB Press is uniquely positioned to create learning materials of tremendous value to both the MongoDB community and companies adopting the technology. This win-win partnership sets the stage for accelerating skills development on a global scale. Special thanks to our visionary partners at MongoDB, particularly Raghu Viswanathan for helping bring this ambitious collaboration to fruition. We firmly believe MongoDB Press will deliver immense value to the global MongoDB community.

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